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Drinking Water Boiler Installation:

Generally Boilers are straightforward to fit. If you are in any doubt about location or suitability then feel free to call us for a no-charge site survey.

Counter Top Boilers

You need to check the dimensions of your chosen boiler and also that a suitable pipe carrying drinking water is located nearby. Since these are portable appliances either a fused spur or a standard 3 pin 13 amp plug can be used.

Wall Mounted Boilers

Preparation of Location
Wall Mounted Boilers are almost invariably mounted above a draining board (to allow overflow to drain away).
Allow enough space for the dimensions of your chosen heater plus ideally 150mm above and to the sides. Ideally the tap outlet would be approx 400mm above the drainer surface (to allow flasks etc underneath).

For typical location diagram Click Here.

Electrical Connections
Wall Mounted Boilers are fixed appliances and must be connected via a fused spur. The machines have a 3KW power loading. It is therefore vital that a suitable power source is identified and a fused spur fitted to allow connection of the boiler. A suitably qualified electrician must do this. The fused spur must be fitted by yourselves before we can fit the boiler. (The good news is that this is, however, normally a very quick and low cost job by a qualified electrician).

Water Source
Must be a potable (drinking) water supply. Normally this is straightforward to identify since boilers are fitted above draining boards where the cold water is known to be suitable for drinking. If in doubt, however, a qualified plumber should be consulted.

We connect to the cold feed pipe and feed the water to the machine via the water filter. All valves and fittings are WRAS approved.

Typical Wall Mounted Installation

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